Los Angeles-based Graphic Designer. Currently Senior
Production Designer at Media Monks.
My work extends across print and digital formats,
with a focus on print, advertising  and branding.

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Live Nation, Ticketmaster/ Digital Graphic Designer

NHL Homepage Takeover

NHL gave permission for Ticketmaster to do a takeover of their homepage, which included several digital assets and clickable banners that existed outside the main webpage.  

US Open

Task: create templates for digital assets to be used
for the official sale and resale of US Open tickets.

NFL Regular Season

Task: Create template for digital assets that can be translated across all NFL mobile and display banners and ads

Golden State Warriors Muni Bus

Task: Design city signage that will be placed on San Francisco’s Muni platform. The result was a cohesive camaign that spread across sixteen printed and digital signage pieces installed on San Francisco’s Chase Center


Super Bowl LIV

Task: Build out branding for ticket kiosk at the Super Bowl in Miami. Fan holders would use the booth to purchase and pickup reserved tickets.

The result was a fully branded wall, front end window installments, iPad kiosks, and designs for the NFL mobile app.

NBA Digital Ads

Ads announcing upcoming games. 

US Open Design Concepts

Concepts for USTA campaigns

︎ Los Angeles, California